Injection mortar - adhesive for via ferrata anchor 300

high performance INJECTION MORTAR Type HZI300
item number: H-300
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The injection mortar HZI-300, is a universal expansion free anchoring which can be used for almost any building materials.

It consists of a special synthetic resin, filler, as well as hardener component, all in one single cartridge. The components get mixed together through the static mixer placed inside the cartridge tip. This way it can be filled directly inside the drillhole.



Place the anchoring element by hand in a hole filled with HZI-300. The injection mortar hardens and connects the anchoring element steady with the underground. Open cartridges can be reused by changing the cartridge tip if there is still enough material left.

ETA certification specific for our via ferrata anchors / rebars


Usable with all common cartridge presses


Price on request


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