via ferrata set

470 g
item number: Via Ferrata Pro Evo
via ferrata set

Via ferrata set Pro Evo 2.0

Weight 470 gram

The via ferrata Pro Evo 2.0 is the technical successor to the proven via ferrata set Pro Evo from LACD. This set is designed for a weight range from 40 kg (without gear) to 120 kg (including gear). It is equipped with elastic arms and two self-locking via ferrata carabiner. The catch opens by pressing down the safety plate with the ball of the thumb and locks itself after releasing the carabiner. This system prevents the carabiner from inadvertent release from the wire rope. LACD enables a evenly tear property over the total length of the with his innovative UHMWPE* energy absorber. This makes the via ferrata pro evo 2.0 a trusty partner through out the whole via ferrata.

*UHMWPE stands for Ultra-high-molecular-weight is a subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene. This material has extremely long chains which allows the material to distribute any force evenly across the whole fabric and thus creating a very though material.

Compared to other climbing gear materials the UHMWPE fiber has a high breaking strength, small volume and weight, a low water absorption, high static (almost no stretch) high UV resistance and a low melting point.