Flow Control and Pressure Reducing Valve

up to 60bar inlet pressure
item number: DM-DFDR-2" 60
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technical data:  

• Autonomous pressure reduction
 • no water loss
 • max. inlet pressure 60 bar
 • output pressure: selectable +/- 3 bar
 • flow rate:
  · min. 10 l/min
  · max. 500 l/min
 • weight: ca. 3,5 kg
 • size: DN/L 10/25 cm


The difference between the DFDR model and our standard Pressure reducer is, that this Valve doesn’t close completely. Which makes it more handy and cheaper.

Attention: do not place a shut off after the pressure reducer because this would lead to a rise of pressure in the Pipe/hose and a higher input pressure.

The DFDR is an autonomous flow pressure reducer with a possible flow rate from 10 – 500 l/min. It regulates the output pressure on its own independent from the input pressure. This pressure valve can be used for high pressures. It is unnecessary to readjust the Valve at the fire pole when the pressure changes.