Pressure reducing regulator

up to 60bar inlet pressure
item number: DM-2" 60
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Technical Data: DM-2“ 60 flange DN80:

 • Autonomous pressure reduction
 • safety valve
 • no water loss
 • inlet pressure: max.: 60 bar
 • output pressure: selectable +/- 2 bar
 • max flow rate: 500 l/min
 • weight: 3,5 bar
 • size DN/L: 10/25cm
 • input connection camlock 2” MT (2” internal thread)
 • output connection STORZ coupling C/B ( 2” internal thread)


This pressure reducing regulator is a great alternative to regular pressure reducers. The input pressure (up to 60 bar) is going to be reduced without the loss of the flowrate. Once the water consumer is shut down the valve will close itself too, without the need to drain the water somewhere else. This prevents the supply line from damage from over pressure without the need of water extraction. There is an extra safety valve build in at the output to ensure the performance of the product.

The DM-2” 60 are used in systems with a high output pressure like snow making systems and high-pressure pipes and can be used with conventional fire fighting gear. Suitable for clean water with a temperature range from + 5 °C to + 50 °C.

This pressure reducer is designed to be as light and sturdy as possible to make it perfect for the mobile use. It is maintenance-free if used properly. If the product is rarely in use it is recommended to perform a performance test at least every 6 months.

Storage in a dry and frost-free location recommended.



• inlet pressure higher than 60 bar
• input connection freely selectable
• output connection freely selectable


This special pressure reducing regulator is covered by Directives 2014/68/EU, article 4, paragraph 3 and is therefore not allowed to bear the CE marking