Petrol drill HZI C-50

hammer drill with SDS MAX
item number: HZI-C50 4Takt
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Price: (recommended retail price excl. VAT) EUR 2.590,00

Technical data HZI-C50:
 • rated input power / impact drill: 1.000 W
 • impact energie: 8,8 J
 • rated input power / jackhammer: 1.150 W
 • impact energie: 12,0 J
 • Full hammering frequency:3.200 impacts/min
 • rotation per minute: 400p/min
 • weight: 11,5kg
 • length: approx.: 69 cm
 • heigth: approx.: 28 cm
 • attack tool: SDS-max


Hammer drilling diameter range:
Concrete, Hammerdrill : 12-40 mm
Rock, Stone, Hammerdrill: 12-40 mm
Snow and ice drill: 12-50 mm


Technical data Honda petrol engine GX35:
 • 1-cylinder 4-stroke OHC petrol engine GX35
 • Stroke volume: 35,80 cm³
 • nominal speed: 7.000 /min
 • fuel: 95 octane unleaded petrol
 • tank capacity: 0,64 liters
 • engine oil capacity: 0,10 liters
 • fuel consumption at continuous output: 0,71 liters / hour, 7.000 /min
 • lubrication: oil mist
 • compression 8 : 1
 • bore x stroke: 39 x 30 mm
 • rotation: clockwise
 • ignition system: electronically
 • torque: max 1,6 Nm / 0,16 kgfm / 5.500/min

The Honda 4 stroke advantage: no smell, no disturbance, saves money

Hassle free start thanks to Honda super-easy start: doesn’t matter if hot or cold, the C50 petrol drill with a Honda 4 stroke engine can be easily started in every position (up to 360°).

The C50 Petrol drill with a Honda 4 Stroke engine needs up to 50% less petrol and up to 80% less oil compared to similar 2 Stroke petrol drills. 2 separate tanks make the mixing of oil and petrol unnecessary.

The noise level is way lower compared to similar 2 stroke petrol drills. This makes working with the C50 much more pleasant for the ears.

Fatigue-free work thanks to minimal vibrations.

Our C50 with a Honda micro-4-stroke engine has way less pollutant emissions compared to similar 2 Stroke engines. Your share for a cleaner environment.

The Honda 4 Stroke engine has a phenomenal motor acceleration.

With our 4 Stroke machine, there is no more typical oil petroleum mixture stench like 2 Stroke engines produce.

The Honda Motor 360° can be used in every angle.

Delivered with our ALU transport case:
Our C50 4 stroke machine is send inside a high quality, lockable aluminum case with rubberized handles.


Petrol drill HZI C-50
Petrol drill HZI C-50
Petrol drill HZI C-50